Kangding Road Collection


So-called ‘legacy wood,’ our reclaimed materials once served Shanghai households in the form of floors, doors and frames. Redolent of an era of craftsmanship, quality and community, each board is totally unique, and a snapshot of times gone by. Incorporated into tabletops by way of simple geometric designs, a layer of high-gloss resin preserves the artefacts’ beauty for years to come. Through-and-through contemporary, the tables mirror Shanghai’s current crossroads between modernity and tradition: the decades-old lilong (traditional Shanghainese lane houses) from where much of our ‘legacy wood’ is sourced are quickly being replaced by glass-clad towers to create an altogether different skyline. Despite these changes, Shanghai’s inimitable character endures: stylish, chic and discerning, in harnessing these qualities JoMo Design seeks to furnish the city for its chapters to come.

所谓的 “旧木材”,即我们采用的曾以地板、门和框的形式存在于上海千家万户的回收木材。每一块旧木板均独一无二,令人忆起一个崇尚手艺、品质和团体精神的时代, 共同诉说着悄然已逝的昔日时光。旧木板通过简单的几何设计被整合到桌面中,一层富于高光泽度的树脂使手工制作的桌子在未来岁月里依然光彩照人。旧材料完完 全全的焕然一新,这些桌子成为当前上海处于现代和传统十字路口的真实写照:他们采用的许多“旧木材”就是取自有着好几十年历史的里弄(传统上海弄堂房 屋),这些老弄堂很快被玻璃覆盖的高楼大厦所取代,形成一道全然不同的空中风景线。尽管有着这些变化,上海的独特风格仍在延续:时尚、别致而慧眼独 具,JoMo Design力求在未来时光里利用这些特质来装扮上海这座大都市。