With character as its hallmark, JoMo Design is committed to creating furniture and accessories as unique, thoughtful and stylish as the people who use them. Home interiors define who we are, our aspirations and passions, all the while reflecting the constantly changing world in which we live. With Shanghai’s rich legacy in mind, JoMo Design presents contemporary furniture and objects to live with, love, and above all, inspire new traditions, spark stories and enjoy for years to come.

Established by Shanghai-based furniture makers Moritz Spielberg and Jonas Merian in 2015, JoMo Design incorporates contemporary design with uncompromising craftsmanship for signature collections and bespoke creations. Hailing from Germany and Switzerland respectively, the pair have met with success in their individual practises both in their native Europe, and in Asia. Known for his eponymous brand, Jonas’ Design, Merian creates stylish home accessories from almost exclusively repurposed materials. Having trained at Cologne’s prestigious International School of Design, Spielberg has been applying his high-quality craftsmanship to Shanghai interiors since relocating to the city in 2013.

JoMo Design以其鲜明特色作为品质的象征,致力于为人们打造风格独特的、面面俱到的时尚家具和家居饰品。从室内装饰可以看出一个人的个性,看出一个人的愿 望和喜好,室内装饰始终反映着我们居住的这个世界在不断变化。出于对上海丰富历史的考量,JoMo Design呈献用于生活的现代家具和家居物品,让人们对之心生爱意,尤其是激发新的传统,引发新的故事并能在未来岁月里仍为人们所喜爱。

由生活在上海的家具制作人Moritz Spielberg Jonas Merian2015年共同创建,JoMo Design在其独特系列和定制作品中融入当代设计和非凡手艺。俩人分别来自德国和瑞士,相遇之前在故土欧洲和亚洲有着各自的成功经验。Merian因其同名品牌Jonas’ Design而出名,采用几乎全部可回收再利用的材质打造时尚家居饰品。Spielberg曾在德国科隆知名国际设计学院接受过培训,自2013年移居上海以来就不断将其高超手艺应用到上海室内装饰中。