A whole lot has changed over the past 2 years! Jomo design has been in quite a long state of hibernation. But it does still exist and will so as my personal site where I will continue to publish ideas evolving around furniture and other content I consider worth sharing with you. Why do I continue on my own you may ask? Well, circumstances have brought Jonas and myself back to the western hemisphere where we have found new callings in new occupations. We have therefore decided that Jomo design as you might have recognized it in Shanghai is unfortunately no longer feasible. I have decided to keep this site up and running in order to preserve a platform for myself to publish my work. In memory of the fantastic, exciting times with Jonas I’ve also decided to keep the original content on this particular site the way we started out with it. So read below a little bit about who we are/or were back in the days of Jomo design in Shanghai.

Currently I’m working full-time for the leading company in high quality furniture hardware. What we call product requirement research concludes a period of search for my place in the realm of furniture, design, research and all of that with, what I would call, my global mindset. Exciting tasks in this company keep me busy and happily occupied! Nevertheless I can’t keep my mind off of the simple, informal joy of designing furniture or objects in my free time.

Getting back at the desk or, ideally in a workshop again some day I will devote some of my time to designing the way I please! In case you like what you see and would like to get in touch to find out more or get my opinion or give me feedback on my work, feel free to drop a line!

JoMo Founders Portrait


Moritz Spielberg

For JoMo Design cofounder, Moritz Spielberg, an apprenticeship with some of Germany’s most highly-skilled carpenters persuaded the young designer to follow a passion for furniture that would take him from Berlin, to Beijing, and finally Shanghai. While studying for a degree in Integrated Design at Cologne International School of Design, Spielberg undertook various trips abroad to broaden his perspective. Captivated by China’s unique juxtaposition of East and West, tradition and modernity, he returned numerous times before settling in Shanghai in 2013.

对于JoMo Design品牌的共同创始人Moritz Spielberg来说,在德国给一些手艺高超的木匠当学徒的经历使得这名年轻设计师追随自己对家具的热爱,从德国柏林远道来到中国北京,并最终在上海安顿下来。在德国柯隆国际设计学院攻读综合设计学位的同时,Spielberg曾多次出国求学以拓宽视野。受到中国东西方文化并存,传统与现代思想交融这种独有现象的吸引,他在多次往返中国和德国之后,于2013年定居上海。


Jonas Merian

A prosthetist by training, Jonas Merian’s path to furniture maker and designer has seen the long-term Shanghai resident travel from his native Switzerland to North Korea, before relocating to China in 2006. Inspired by the city’s history and ongoing transformation, Merian founded Jonas’ Design in 2010. Renowned for its signature style, furniture and home accessories incorporate reclaimed, repurposed and up-cycled materials that renew and revive Shanghai’s vibrant past through contemporary interiors.

Jonas Merian原是一名训练有素的假肢修复学专家。 先是从祖国瑞士远赴朝鲜,再于2006年移居到中国,这个过程里他完成了从假肢专业到家具制作和设计的转变。受到上海的城市历史和不断变革的启发,Merian在2010年于上海成立了Jonas’ DesignJonas’ Design的家具和家居饰品以其独特的再造风格而闻名,对旧材料回收再利用并升级改造, 通过当代室内装饰复兴上海昔日的辉煌。


JoMo Design

When Spielberg and Merian met in 2013, the designers’ conversation quickly turned to collaboration. A first project together was showcased at Milan’s prestigious furniture fair in 2014, and soon after, the JoMo concept was born. Specializing in furniture and accessories for the home, the brand’s debut collection, Kangding Lu, launched at Design Shanghai 2016.  Blending premium materials, precision craftsmanship and a distinctive flair, JoMo Design believes that if home is where the heart is, fabulous furniture is a must!

当Spielberg 和Merian在2013年相遇时,这两名设计师的交谈迅速转变成合作。他们一起合作的首个项目成果在2014米兰家具展上展出,不久以后,JoMo的想法便由此诞生。专注于家具和家居饰品,JoMo品牌的首个系列“康定路”在2016上海设计展上推出。将优质材料、精巧手艺和独特创意巧妙结合,JoMo Design相信:若家是心灵的港湾,精美的家具则必不可少!

Just like its products, JoMo Design proudly incorporates layers of meaning to create something genuinely unique. Of course, the name combines both designers’ first names - Jonas and Moritz - but it also relates to a commonly-used acronym that resonates with the brand: JoMo, or Joy Of Missing Out. By creating objects for living, for congregating and for gathering with family and friends, JoMo Design supports quality time around quality furniture, now, in the moment - and for all those still to enjoy!

正如对其产品感到自豪一样,JoMo Design也蕴含着创造某些真正独特东西的多层含义。无疑,JoMo结合了两位设计师的名字即Jonas和 Moritz,同时也涉及常用的首字母缩写,即Joy Of Missing Out(错失的快乐),使人联想起品牌JoMo本身。通过打造用于生活,与家人朋友相聚一堂的家居物品,JoMo Design让人们置身优质家具中共度美好时光,在如今,当下,并在未来岁月里仍为人们所喜爱。